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Personal Styling

If you are like the vast majority of women, you have a closet filled with clothes that don’t create outfits, you may have outgrown, are outdated, were bad purchases or simply don’t complement your body type.

Ask yourself, “Does your current closet supply you with fabulous outfits you could proudly wear to a critical business meeting, a formal event, a wedding, a funeral, or a place of worship?” For most women this answer is no.

A well-dressed woman possesses many coordinated, well-fitting, accessorized and stylish outfits that are appropriate for a variety of events. This woman is prepared to go to most events on short notice, without the need to go shopping. This doesn’t happen by chance. The reality is that most women lead incredibly demanding, busy lives that prevent them from focusing on their wardrobe to the extent that they would like. This is where a personal stylist comes into play.

The role of a stylist is to provide women with a coordinated, functional, current yet classic closet full of exciting clothing. My goal is to enable women to feel powerful, attractive, and stylish on a daily basis.

There is a three step process to achieve this goal. It starts with a closet cleanse, followed by a closet organization engagement that is completed with an outfit creation session.


Closet Cleanse

Do you have a closet filled with clothes yet have nothing to wear? Does your wardrobe support the greatest version of you? If your answer is anything other than a resounding, emphatic, and overwhelming “YES”, there’s an opportunity to adjust the formula you use to get dressed.

Imagine how liberating it would feel to no longer stand in front of the closet wasting time, while experiencing frustration and anxiety, pondering what to wear. Think of the relief and excitement that would materialize if you gazed into the mirror without a sense of dread. Picture not fearing disappointment in your reflection.


As a personal stylist, I empower you to look better, feel better, and lead a life overflowing with pride in your appearance as well as who you are on the inside!

A style transformation begins with a closet cleanse. This service eliminates items that do not fit your body properly and purges garments that are outdated or fail to support the image that you want to project.  

In addition to streamlining the closet during this process, a garment audit is completed with a wardrobe checklist. The checklist takes inventory of the basic pieces in your closet and identifies gaps to fill. It outlines future clothing purchases that are necessary to build a balanced, complete clothing arsenal. Ultimately, the closet cleanse kick starts your style metamorphosis!

Closet Cleanse .jpg

Closet Organization

Once the closet is cleansed, it then makes sense to address the interior. This service arranges clothes in an orderly fashion, organizes accessories, ensures items are easily accessible and color coded while maximizing closet space. The result is a manageable environment that provides convenient access to the closet contents and efficiency in dressing.

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