The Top 7 Sources to be Victorious with Your Game Day Look

The Top 7 Sources to be Victorious with Your Game Day Look

Summer is fading into fall and that means the sports calendar gets priority for many women. Let the tailgating begin! Let’s face it. It’s tough to look good on game day. How many boxy jerseys, made for a male physique, have you purchased and hated? This season I took the time to solve my game day clothing dilemmas. Here are seven of my favorite sources for budget and figure friendly Game Day gear! 

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Eleven Tips to Elevate Your Appearance When Creating Video

If you haven’t heard the statistics, suffice it to say that video is here and it’s here to stay. If you’re an entrepreneur, embrace it for your business. Video drives better customer engagement than other social media. Almost 80% of internet traffic will be in video format by the end of this year.

Over the past year, I have experienced an increased demand for assistance with video preparation. Here are eleven easy tips to elevate your appearance when creating video.

1. Prepare in Advance

When you look good, you feel good. Get a second opinion on how the clothes that you are planning to wear for your video look. Skype or FaceTime a friend. Make necessary adjustments with sufficient lead time. Pressure rarely leads to success.   

2. Wear Solid Colors

Avoid patterns. Patterns can distort visual focus; especially busy patterns. While they’re great for hiding problem areas, they are challenging on film. If a garment is not centered, patterns magnify it. Unlike photographs, videos can’t really be edited to fix colors and prints that look out of place. Wear solid colors instead.

Don't Wear Patterns in Video.png

3. Wear Bright Colors and Saturated Jewel Tones

Avoid black and white. Wear bright colors or saturated jewel tones instead. White often looks gray rather than sharp and crisp. Black often loses definition and looks flat. Wear blue, gray, or other neutral colored suits and pants. Red, royal blue, emerald green, coral, and bright pinks really pop in videos. Consider wearing bright, saturated colors with neutral suits, pants, and skirts.

Jewel Colored Dresses for Video.png

4. Confirm if Video Will be Filmed with a Green Screen

Confirm if you’re filming with a green screen. If your video background is green, wear a different color. I recommend wearing a color on the opposite side of the color wheel, especially if you have dark hair. Green screens are dark and with dark hair, you need to bring lighter hues into your video persona. Red, orange, and dark purple are great options for a green screen. This dress is the same shade as a green screen. In front of a such a screen, wearing this hue would be like camouflage in the jungle.

What Not To Wear In Front of a Green Screen.png
Ideal Colors to Wear on Green Screen.png

5. Avoid Bulky, Shiny Fabrics

Avoid tweed, velvet, sequins, neoprene, and leather. Wear cotton, silk, satin, suede, or lace instead. These latter materials are less likely to show folds and add bulk like heavier materials do. Linen wrinkles quickly and can look incredibly sloppy so do not wear it either.

Material To Avoid in Video.png

6. Avoid Block Prints

While they can slenderize a silhouette in person, they often look odd on video. Similar to patterns, block prints are distracting.

Avoid Block Patterns in Video.png

7. Minimize Contrast

Minimize the contrast in your outfit. For example, a dark pair of pants is best matched with a dark shirt. A jewel colored shirt is preferable to a pastel shirt when worn with dark bottoms. Similarly, a light skirt or pants will look best with a hue such as light blue versus a dark color like red. In short, wear lights with lights and dark with darks. Monochrome palettes elongate and slenderize the body. Who doesn’t want that?

Good Outfit Contrast for Video.png
Too much contrast in video outfits.png

8. Wear the Right Accessories

If you wear a microphone, it will most likely be secured to the top of your outfit. Noisy jewelry, especially necklaces, will be captured in the audio. Select accessories that are silent. Very large and asymmetrical pieces can cause problems. Specifically, if a necklace, earrings, or bracelets move around while being worn, strange video footage can result. Select pieces that are symmetrical and made of materials that don’t look like costume props.

Accessories to Wear in Video.png

9. Confirm Your Shoes Look Good

Your shoes must fit properly and be in great condition. If they have a pattern, be sure that it photographs well. The leopard shoes look great. The snake skin pumps and the sandals do not look good in video or photographs.

Shoes to Wear and Not Wear in Video.png

10. Balance Your Makeup

Disclaimer: I’m not a makeup artist. I’ve done my makeup a significant number of times for commercials and professionally produced videos. Typically, the makeup artists who are onset only touch up my makeup when necessary. This makes me feel like I have a minor amount of makeup value to share.

My simple suggestions:

1) Do not wear illuminator. It can make skin look greasy. A professional makeup artist, familiar with the onset lighting, can certainly apply it if desired. The pros do it properly and prevent skin from looking too wet and too shiny. When in doubt, forego reflective, glittery makeup.

2) Consider false lashes. Synthetic hair photographs differently, and better, than real hair. Faux lashes define the eye and look great in pictures and videos. Lashes should be a reasonable length and shape. No tarantula lashes!

Lashes in a Box E1 are my choice. They’re affordable and last for multiple uses.

If you reuse lashes, thoroughly clean them with soap and water. In my opinion, visible white eyelash glue showing through eyeshadow and liner is atrocious.

Recommended False Lashes for Video.png

1) Balance Lips & Eyes. If you have a dark eye, keep your lip light or neutral. If you have a neutral, understated eye, you can wear a darker lip shade. Take a selfie to assess your lips and eye makeup. You can always add more color. Removing it is tough, let alone frustrating.

Balanced Makeup in Videos.png

11. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Good light can make a video. Bad lighting can break a video. If you record video on your own, or attend video meetings, purchase a light. You will love it and you can thank me later. I bought the B-Land Cell Phone Holder with Selfie Ring Light on Amazon for $14.99 and highly recommend it.

Selfie light.png

Five Tips to a Create an Ideal Networking Outfit

You can never be overdressed or over educated – Oscar Wilde

Do you struggle with deciding what to wear to networking events? Does the thought of creating outfits to attend functions, that includes a networking component, stress you out?

I spend a lot of time at networking events. I always make it a point to notice what people wear. It’s part of my role in helping women to elevate their visual image and further their business objectives. Here are five ways you can look impeccable at your next business mixer.  

1) Wear a color other than, or in addition to, black, gray, and white. Why? To stand out. At the next business event that you attend, observe how many people wear these colors. Almost everyone.

If you plan to meet someone at the event, it is easier for a person who doesn’t know you to identify you by the distinctive color you’re wearing. Additionally, the likelihood of someone remembering you increases when you look unique.

Use a color like red, cobalt blue, fuchsia, orange, teal, or turquoise to stand out from the crowd. For entrepreneurs, focusing on color can be especially impactful when you wear colors that complement your brand.

Lyndell Werling Personal Stylist
Lyndell Werling Personal Stylist

2) Purchase and wear your own name tag. How many times have you arrived at an event and been given a not so sticky tag with sloppy handwriting (maybe even your own) that doesn’t stick to your shirt? It’s happened to me too many time to count and it’s completely avoidable. I broke all the rules in the picture below. Notice how atrocious the name tag looks. A magnetic badge, with your name and logo, creates a professional appearance.

Lyndell Werling Personal Stylist Holy Matcha

Note: These name tags are from and Namify.

3) You may need to stand for most of, if not the entire, event. Wear shoes that make this possible. I’m not suggesting that you wear Crocs but do wear professional shoes in top condition. You want to convey that you’re a competent, polished, and intelligent person with whom people would want to do business and to whom they can refer friends and clients.  

4) While you may choose to wear clothes or accessories in your personal life that strongly indicate your personal beliefs, religious affiliation, or send strong style preferences like bohemian attire, refrain from doing this at business functions.

Significant research on bias as it pertains to appearance, has been conducted. There is substantial evidence that verifies everybody judges appearance. Even people who claim that they do not judge the appearance of other people, do in fact pass judgement on clothing, hairstyles, etc.

Further, men have been shown to judge other men and women more harshly than women judge other people. In short, I wear more color and jewelry if I attend a female only networking function than if I attend a meeting with men. My intent is to avoid distractions that could lead to the impression that I am not serious about my career.

5) When in doubt, dress more formally than less formally. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Society today is typically very casual. You can’t go wrong by wearing attire that indicates you cared about your appearance. Select a suit, or other clothing, that is business appropriate and shows you’re serious about your image. While jeans and business casual clothes may be fine, it makes sense to over dress and minimize the risk of being too casual. 

Let me know how your next networking event goes! 

5 Tips on How to Wear a Long Dress – [Especially if You Are Petite]

How many times have you avoided a trend because you felt that you didn’t have the “right” body to wear it? Long dresses, booties, and kimonos challenged me in the past. However, I confidently wear all of these pieces today because I figured out how to create outfits with them. Do you know how to wear a long dress, especially if you’re petite? I decided to write about this topic after several friends told me they can’t wear long dresses.  

Last month I purchased a black floor length column dress. I’ve received many compliments while wearing it. Truth be told, anyone can wear a long dress with proper styling and accessories. Here are five tips to create a winning long dress look! 

1. Shoes Make or Break the Outfit

Isn’t this really true of all outfits? With a long dress, you have an opportunity to create the illusion of being much taller by wearing shoes with a platform (that no one sees). This is one of my signature moves. At 5’4, I appreciate the chance to elongate my frame. I’ll never be a super model but I can look taller with the right footwear.  You can even avoid shortening dresses by finding heels that provide proper vertical lift.

I invest in heels that not only provide me with a significant height advantage, but are also comfortable. Many YSL, Badgley Mischka, Michael Kors, Kelsi Dagger, and Pour la Victoire heels feature a platform heel. Bonus: Platforms prevent the foot pain and exhaustion that results from wearing shoes that don’t support the sole of your foot.

Maxi with Heels.jpg
Long Dress.JPG


2. Accessorize Appropriately

Long dresses look different visually than knee length or midi dresses. Minimize jewelry and place it strategically. To continue with the theme of elongating the body, wear chandelier or hoop earrings. This draws the eye up to the face and keeps the look clean. Wear long necklaces, thirty or more inches, to lengthen your silhouette. When I wear bracelets, they’re dainty; not large and chunky like bangles or cuffs.

Maxi and Bracelets.jpg


3. Jackets and Cardigans

Avoid accenting the biggest part of your body. Create an hour glass shape with a fitted jacket or cardigan that hits the hip. For curvier and shorter ladies like myself, avoid large jackets and bulky sweaters that comes to the hip. They draw visual attention and add volume in the wrong place. A tailored slim fitting dark monochrome colored jacket slenderizes.

How to Wear Long Maxi Dresses.JPG

4. Monochrome Versus Patterns

Monochrome dresses and patterns with small print are a girl’s best friend. Horizontal stripes, large floral and graphic patterns, as well as bulky fabrics overwhelm most women, especially petite women. Many patterns also tend to look bad in pictures.

My black column dress works well because it has ruffles at the shoulder which makes my torso look smaller by comparison. The dark color and thin material also make this dress work. If the dress was white, peach, silver, or another light color, I wouldn’t have even tried it on. Use color, patterns, and textures to your advantage!

How to wear a Maxi Dress.JPG

5. Plan the Outfit Ahead of Time

Try on outfits in advance to give yourself plenty of time to find the optimal shoes and accessories.  Dressing under duress leads to anxiety and frustration. As women, we strive hard to look perfect and feel empowered when we walk out the door. If we don’t achieve this feeling, we wear it on our faces. Stress doesn’t match any of my outfits. How about you?

Good luck making a beautiful outfit with your long dress! Tag me in your Instagram photos @ lyndellwerling.

Who Doesn’t Appreciate a Sharp Dressed Man?

ZZ Top’s award-winning hit song “Sharp Dressed Man” resonated with the public and made a great point. The lyrics declare “every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man”. It’s true! The CRC can make you, and the men in your life, look sharp.

Who Looks Forward to Buying Suits?

Not many people. Suits are an investment. Suit sales are characterized by pressure. The sales people expertly exert it to close the sale. The purchaser inevitably experiences it. You don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on a suit that may not be ideal. This process can be incredibly stressful.

What if your new investment attire doesn’t fit properly? What if it isn’t very comfortable? What if the fabric is itchy or too hot? You can hardly bear the thought of spending money on an item that you may not look forward to wearing. What could be worse? Overspending on this item.  

Great news! The CRC stores have an impressive selection of wonderful men’s suits and the shirts, ties and shoes to complete the outfit. If you look closely, you will find some clothing that still has the original store tags or dry-cleaning tags affixed. There are designer suits, suits in a variety of colors and styles, and of course ties to complement the ensemble.

What about Casual Men’s Wear?

We’ve got it! This brand new navy blue velvet Halston blazer is a perfect example of the high quality clothing the CRC possesses. The price was fantastic. The jacket was unique and will create a special signature look for someone. Incidentally, velvet is one the top trends for fall.

 For men who don’t need to dress up for work, there are plenty of casual shirts and pants. These Lucky Brand shirts caught my eye due to their sophisticated pattern! Notice the dry-cleaning tags? There were many other wonderful button-down shirts from Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and many other designers. The prices make them even more attractive.

In addition to a vast selection of dress and casual clothes, the stores have you covered if you need sport apparel. Wetsuits, board shorts, baseball hats, golf shirts, and outerwear are stocked year round.

Our caring local community generously donates gently used clothing that still possesses a lot of life. Stop in and give some of these treasures the opportunity to be re-styled. Besides looking dapper, you’ll support the CRC’s critical programs that assist in the fight to solve hunger and create paths to safety, stability, and self-sufficiency.

 From designer suits, to Lucky Brand casual shirts, to this gorgeous Navy blue velvet Halston blazer that was brand new with the tags on it, there are many amazing mens' items at the CRC.

From designer suits, to Lucky Brand casual shirts, to this gorgeous Navy blue velvet Halston blazer that was brand new with the tags on it, there are many amazing mens' items at the CRC.

The beautiful nautical screen in these pictures was donated to the Encinitas CRC resale store. Your author purchased it.

What Does the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society do? Oceanside Spectrum KOCT Interview

Click here to watch Elaine Swann, host of Oceanside Spectrum, and me discuss the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's mission. We chat about the free resources they provide for patients, fundraising for research grants, and the annual Children's Holiday Party for children with blood cancer. The interview starts at the 10:30 mark. 

If you know anyone receiving chemotherapy or radiation that I can help with their cancer journey, please don't hesitate to contact me. It is unspeakably tough to feel ill while you fight cancer, let alone lose your hair and see unwelcome changes in your body. It is a blessing to help others by drawing on my melanoma experience.

 Taping the August edition of Oceanside Spectrum. The show features non-profits and interesting events within the local community. 

Taping the August edition of Oceanside Spectrum. The show features non-profits and interesting events within the local community.