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Three Compelling Reasons to Complete a Spring Closet Cleanse

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Spring cleaning yields numerous benefits beyond the obvious positive outcomes of greater organization in your home and the opportunity to donate unwanted possessions to those in need. Here are a few incentives to clean out your closet and tips on how to approach it.

Clutter Induces Stress

Per Sonya Britt, professor at Kansas State University, clutter induces stress. Individuals under stress are less able to make rational long-term decisions. Mary Gresham, a psychologist with Atlanta Financial Psychology, states that studies prove that families who live in cluttered environments have higher stress levels. Decluttering is not often a high priority but attempting to do it under pressure can make it a very unpleasant task. Add a closet cleanse to your To-Do list now and reap the benefits of creating a sense of calm while purging your closet of unnecessary items.

Your Closet Can’t Endure Another Shopping Trip

Have you ever wanted to go shopping but realized that you can’t fit another t-shirt, let alone multiple garments, in your closet? Streamlining and organizing your closet’s interior simplifies the process of creating outfits. Reacquaint yourself with favorite, but perhaps hidden, garments as a result. Without clutter, you can easily view items and maximize the pieces that you already own. Say farewell to clothing that doesn’t fit well. Then stop by a resale store that benefits a non-profit to donate your discards.

Next Year's Tax Deduction

Is it ever too early to start creating tax deductions for the upcoming tax year? Clean out your closet, make a donation, and obtain tax deductions for the next year. You’ll be glad that you did!

Closet Cleaning Tips

Not sure where to begin your closet transformation? Here are a few tips.

1) Never complete a closet cleanse alone. Ask a friend or family member to help you decide which garments to eliminate from your wardrobe. For example, an honest assessment of whether jeans really fit is easier to make with a person who will provide a second opinion.

2) If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. Many stores, including Amazon, Target, The Dollar Tree, and The Container Store, sell incredible items to help organize your closet (as well as the rest of your home). If you simply must keep items that are tough to fit into your storage spaces, let organization aids help you create an orderly space.

3) Set goals. Determine what pieces in your closet support your lifestyle. Ask yourself if each item supports these goals. If you no longer work in an office environment, do you need all of those suits? If you used to participate in a sport or hobby that required certain apparel but you no longer take part in that activity, why not donate the equipment and make it possible for those garments to have a second life?

4) Create a shopping list during your closet cleanse. If there’s a gap in your wardrobe, take note of it. Take advantage of newly created open space in your closet to fill it.

Spring cleaning can lead to greater harmony in your home, better closet organization, less time getting dressed, as well as provide much needed items to resale stores to fund their critical programs.

Book a Closet Cleanse by April 30th for only $199. Regularly $249.

We'll eliminate items that don’t fit properly, purge garments that are outdated or fail to support your desired image, and identify items to purchase to complete your wardrobe.

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