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Do You Know What to Wear to a Photo Shoot?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

If you're ready to take family pictures, here are tips to look great in your photos!

Do you know what to wear to a family photo shoot? I asked several photographers how often clients inquire about photography attire. Invariably, the answer was always. Selecting the right clothing can be tricky and stressful. Here are a few tips on how to look stunning in your photographs!

Wear Colors that Complement the Photography Location Selecting clothes that complement the beauty of an outdoor landscape generates fabulous pictures. For example, if you are going to be photographed in front of trees with dark green leaves, wear light neutral colors. You don't want to compete with your environment's scenery by drawing the viewer's eye to your attire. This gorgeous image shot by Marcy Browe, who takes many family portraits that are often featured in La Costa Living Magazine, demonstrates the impact of wearing neutral colors outdoors. 

Select a Color Palette  Selecting a color palette ensures everyone wears cohesive attire. Why do wedding pictures look so good? Uniformity! The groomsmen wear the same color suits and the bridesmaids all match. Maybe your family will wear different shades of blue with khaki or denim. Perhaps you will wear warm colors like red, yellow, or orange. Prints and patterns can match, or contrast, if they are in the same color family. Samantha Jacoby took this adorable family portrait. Notice how the red, white, and blue patterns go together but don't exactly match. 

Becki Freed Legacy Photography's family portrait demonstrates this same principle. Colors and prints can be combined so you don't have to spend money on new clothes for a shoot. 

Fabric Selection To perfect your images, carefully consider the fabrics you select. Avoid bulky, shiny materials such as velvet, tweed, mesh, and neoprene. Sequins can also be unflattering. Consider wearing cotton, silk, satin, suede, or lace. These latter materials are less likely to show folds and add bulk like heavier material. Note how the thickness of tweed and the reflective properties of sequins are not ideal. 


For more ideas on how to prepare for a photo shoot, see my Pinterest Photography board. 

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