September 7th Workshop: Simplify Your Life By Addressing Your Closet & Living Spaces

Do you have a closet filled with clothes yet have nothing to wear? Are your living spaces affecting your stress levels and productivity? Imagine how liberating it would feel to no longer stand in front of the closet wasting time, while experiencing frustration and anxiety, pondering what to wear. Imagine a home that uplifts you and brings you closer to your goals.

Attend our workshop to learn easy ways to get your closet under control and how to make easy changes in your home to reduce stress.

Thursday, September 7th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Hera Hub Sorrento Valley
4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd. # 400, San Diego, CA 92121

Click here to register! $10 until midnight 8/24/17. $15 after. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Encinitas Community Resource Center. Their mission is to solve hunger, end homelessness, and create paths to safety, stability, and self-sufficiency. 

I'm presenting this workshop with Kristin Stewart of Serenity Simplified. Kristin is a Home Sanctuary Coach. For the past 7 years she has worked with clients across the nation to get more organized, improve the flow of their home and coach them on personal development with their home as a template. She graduated from SFSU with a degree in Business. Her interest in Holistic Well-Being and personal development have given her a unique perspective and approach to her work with clients.


Is Personal Style an Art or a Science?

Do you have a well-defined personal style? If not, consider consulting a Personal Stylist.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” -Confucius

Lyndell Werling Street Style

Personal style is both an art and a science. Style is like beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder and unique to each and every one of us. It’s like art if you will. Style is an authentic visual expression of who we are. Style evolves over time. The reality is that it is much easier to dress well when we understand our personal style. That’s where the science surfaces.

Purchasing clothing that reflects our personal style can take place once we define our visual image. That sounds great, right? But, what if you don’t have the time, interest or feel that you possess the skills to even identify your personal style? Don’t despair. A personal stylist can do the work for you.

Does Your Appearance Scream Excellence or Exhaustion?

Confucius’ statement on personal excellence is indisputable. Desire, focus and dedication are certainly paramount to attaining goals. Appearance, and your associated visual presentation, play into personal excellence too; perhaps much more than we realize.

Summer is Here. Do you Have the Right Things to Wear?

As a personal stylist, I’m often asked about the appropriate attire to wear to certain events. Fundamentally, we know that we must dress for success in job interviews, for important meetings, and to attend certain social events such as weddings, funerals, and fundraisers. So why don’t we always dress well? The answer is simple. There’s no time, interest or maybe it is lack of bandwidth after the rest of our obligations are attended to.

Appearance is more than who we are on the outside. Who we are on the inside is reflected in what we wear. Appearance correlates to how others perceive us and potentially influences the success we attain in life. Yes, many studies validate this last point.

How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Your Appearance? 

These days the complicated demands executives, entrepreneurs and busy individuals face can divert attention away from appearance. Basic wardrobe considerations such as, “What message does my clothing present, could I improve my image, and am I getting the most out of my clothing budget” aren’t addressed. Higher priorities such as spending time with family, advancing one’s career or business objectives, taking advantage of San Diego’s outstanding climate, and life in general easily exhaust the twenty-four hours in a day.

If you evaluate your image and dream about a better way to handle your clothing and image, you may want to consider a consultation with a personal stylist.


What Does a Personal Stylist Do Anyway?

As a stylist, I help people reawaken their personal style, curate clothing to fill a variety of unique client needs, offer special-occasion preparation and onsite styling, and I collaborate with clients to redefine their image. I founded my company to empower men and women to not only look better, but also feel better about themselves. Stylists are now accessible to everyone, not just celebrities and wealthy individuals.

My specialty is working with professional men and women. My twenty-five years of corporate experience provides me with a solid understanding of the demands placed on professionals. I vividly recall how tough it is to balance personal and career priorities while trying to present a stylish appearance.

My experience has shown me that professional people dress to impress their customers. I collaboratively work with my clients to define the visual image they want to project. Then I provide the clothing they need to make that high pressure presentation, close that lucrative business deal, and stand out from the competition. When my clients have important events, they go to their closets to select an outfit from their wardrobe that I’ve created.

I’ve supplemented my business knowledge with significant formal training in fashion styling from School of StyleFashion Institute of Design MerchandisingStyle 20/20, and Simply Stylist. While my current aspirations significantly differ from my past career focus, I comprehend the challenges associated with looking good given time and budget constraints.

Lyndell Werling Styling Shoot


What Does Personal Styling Entail? 

Personal styling touches various aspects of a person’s wardrobe.

Closet Cleaning

A closet cleanse declutters one’s closet and eliminates items that don’t fit properly, purges garments that are outdated or fail to support your desired image, and identifies items to purchase to complete your wardrobe.

Special Occasion Styling

In today’s digital age almost all events are photographed, featured on social media, and possibly captured in print format. How we look is remembered long after the event date. Searching for, let alone finding, the perfect outfit for life’s many celebrations can seem overwhelming. In addition to purchasing attire for photo shoots, television appearances, speaking engagements, award ceremonies, weddings, interviews and parties, on location styling is an option. Coordinating appearance prior to an event commencing, as well as wardrobe creation, fall into the personal styling domain.

Style Development Packages

Style Development packages create a signature style for clients. The process begins with a complimentary thirty minute meeting to discuss goals, current image, and create an action plan.

After the plan and image are agreed upon by the client, shopping for the new wardrobe takes place and styling looks from the new wardrobe follows. An optional follow-up meeting is available to ensure you are maximizing your new wardrobe and mastering your newly created style!

How Important is What You Wear? 

What you wear is critically important. Significant scientific research validates the fact that attire strongly affects first impressions, attitude and potentially professional success.

In 1920, psychologist Edward Thorndike validated his bias theory which is now known as the Halo Effect. The Halo Effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that person’s character.

In other words, knowing positive things about someone, will result in attributing additional positive things to that person. This holds true even in the face of contradicting evidence. Appearance is a significant example of how the Halo Effect works. The role of a stylist is not only to provide people with a coordinated, functional closet full of exciting clothing but also to ensure positive visual impressions occur.

Could You Benefit from a Complimentary Consultation?

Are you like the vast majority of people who possess a closet full of attire that doesn’t create outfits, may be outdated, or doesn’t complement your body? Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to enliven your style.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for my “Work it Wednesday” weekly attire tips. It’s possible to have fun with your wardrobe while presenting a sophisticated professional look. I promise.

Lyndell Werling Clothe Arrow Shoot

Three Compelling Reasons to Complete a Spring Closet Cleanse

Spring cleaning yields numerous benefits beyond the obvious positive outcomes of greater organization in your home and the opportunity to donate unwanted possessions to those in need. Here are a few incentives to clean out your closet and tips on how to approach it.

Clutter Induces Stress

Per Sonya Britt, professor at Kansas State University, clutter induces stress. Individuals under stress are less able to make rational long-term decisions. Mary Gresham, a psychologist with Atlanta Financial Psychology, states that studies prove that families who live in cluttered environments have higher stress levels. Decluttering is not often a high priority but attempting to do it under pressure can make it a very unpleasant task. Add a closet cleanse to your To-Do list now and reap the benefits of creating a sense of calm while purging your closet of unnecessary items.

Your Closet Can’t Endure Another Shopping Trip

Have you ever wanted to go shopping but realized that you can’t fit another t-shirt, let alone multiple garments, in your closet? Streamlining and organizing your closet’s interior simplifies the process of creating outfits. Reacquaint yourself with favorite, but perhaps hidden, garments as a result. Without clutter, you can easily view items and maximize the pieces that you already own. Say farewell to clothing that doesn’t fit well and stop by the CRC resale stores to see if you can fill the empty space with new items. I do this regularly and found all of these great pieces at the CRC, including the book on the history of shoes. It is fun, rewarding and stretches my clothing budget beyond my limits.

Lyndell Werling Personal Stylist Closet Cleanse

2018 Tax Deduction

Is it ever too early to start creating tax deductions for the upcoming tax year? Clean out your closet, make a donation to the CRC Resale stores, and obtain tax deductions for next year. You’ll be glad that you did.

Closet Cleaning Tips

Not sure where to begin your closet transformation? Here are a few tips.

1) Never complete a closet cleanse alone. Ask a friend or family member to help you decide which garments to eliminate from your wardrobe. For example, an honest assessment of whether jeans really fit is easier to make with a person who will provide a second opinion.

2) If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. The CRC stores are full of incredible items to help organize your closet as well as the rest of your home. If you simply must keep items that are tough to fit into your storage spaces, let CRC help you get them organized.

3) Set goals. Determine what pieces in your closet support your lifestyle. Ask yourself if each item supports these goals. If you no longer work in an office environment, do you need all of those suits? If you used to participate in a sport or hobby that required certain apparel but you no longer take part in that activity, why not donate the equipment to the CRC and make it possible for those garments to have a second life?  

4) Create a shopping list during your closet cleanse. If there’s a gap in your wardrobe, take note of it and take advantage of newly created open space in your closet to fill it. Perhaps that item can be found at one of the CRC Resale stores.

Spring cleaning can lead to greater harmony in your home, better closet organization, less time getting dressed as well as provide much needed items to the CRC Resale stores to fund their critical programs. We encourage you to carve out time to achieve these outcomes and thank you in advance for your support of the CRC!

Book a Closet Cleanse by April 30th for only $199. Regularly $249.

We'll eliminate items that don’t fit properly, purge garments that are outdated or fail to support your desired image, and identify items to purchase to complete your wardrobe. 

Lyndell Werling Personal Stylist Jeans

Why Clothing Choices Have Critical Consequences, Especially for Women

How important is what you wear? Critically important. Significant scientific research validates the fact that attire strongly affects first impressions, attitude and potentially professional success.

While scanning the internet for research to confirm or refute the relevance of attire, I stumbled upon numerous data points and varied academic studies. I found the data on this topic entirely fascinating. I hope you will too.

Clothing Plays a Significant Role in First Impressions

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that first impressions matter. It shouldn’t be hugely surprising that clothing is critically important to first impressions either.  

How significant is appearance in the formation of a first impression? Body language and appearance, of which clothing is a significant component, are the two foundational elements of visual image. Together, the elements of body language and appearance, account for fifty-five percent of a first impression.1-3

How can this be? Clothing sends strong visual cues. Just as nonverbal communication resonates loudly, so do the unspoken words implicit in our attire. Since you never have a second chance to make a first impression, choose clothing wisely. It plays a crucial role in the opinions people form of you. Make choices that represent your personal brand, support your professional goals, and reflect your character.

How can you go about it? Think of three to five words that represent your professional image, your visual brand and your aspirations. Before leaving your home each day, honestly ask yourself if your attire supports your vision. If it doesn’t, find clothing that does.

Scientific Studies Verify Appearance Influences Perception

The relationship between appearance and perception is inextricably linked. Within seconds of meeting a person, assumptions based on physical traits and behaviors are made.4

Time and time again, research confirms that appearance strongly influences perceptions. Psychology Today affirms that clothing signals socially important things about an individual, regardless of whether opinions formed by appearance are unfounded.5 Opinions about trustworthiness, intelligence, competence, self-esteem, power, beliefs, affability, authority, financial success, suitability for hiring, and the merits of promotion are formed based on clothing.6

Whether or not the people making judgments realize it, they’re subconsciously judging. Shockingly, even when individuals don’t think appearance is important, they still make judgments based on appearance.7 In short, everyone makes judgements, everyone judges appearance, appearance is important even to folks who don’t think appearance influences their opinions. And, these perceptions are made quickly. Astounding, isn’t it?

The Halo Effect – One Positive Trait Leads to Additional Positive Judgments

In 1920, psychologist Edward Thorndike validated his bias theory which is now known as the Halo Effect. Per Wikipedia, the “Halo Effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer's overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer's feelings and thoughts about that entity's character or properties.”

In other words, knowing positive things about someone, will result in attributing additional positive things to that person. This holds true even in the face of contradicting evidence.

Later research on the halo effect verifies that this bias is highly influenced by first impressions.8

Research confirms that first impressions are overwhelmingly made on appearance. The halo effect proves that these impressions last despite evidence that disputes these impressions. It logically follows that first impressions stand the test of time regardless of efforts and evidence to change these impressions. 

The consequences of dressing poorly, or inappropriately, present themselves long after the impressions are formed. Why not instill confidence in your abilities through portraying your best visual image?   

A Woman’s Appearance is Judged More Harshly than a Man’s Appearance

The consequences of dressing poorly are more severe for a woman than a man.

There are double standards in many of life’s circumstances. Clothing for professional women happens to be one of them. While dressing professionally affects the success of both genders, a study completed by Women Work! concludes that appearance affects how women are perceived by others to a greater extent than their male counterparts.

Approximately eighty percent of respondents in the Women Work survey indicated that clothes, and other physical traits such as hairstyle and makeup, play a significant role in assessing whether a female has the qualifications and knowledge to perform her job. Insignificant aspects of a woman’s attire may contribute to negative conclusions about a woman’s competence. Further, this is especially true if a woman holds a higher status corporate position.9  

Highly subjective assessments about a woman’s appearance can sabotage females in the workplace and elsewhere. Not only do women need to contend with a myriad of workplace challenges men are immune to, women must also be highly attuned to their visual presentation. Studies confirm that men rate other people less positively than women based on clothing. 10 Ultimately, women are less judgmental, than their male counterparts, when forming assessments of individuals based on appearance.  

If your boss, superiors, or peers are predominantly male, take note. You are being judged, often very critically and potentially to your detriment, based on your clothing choices. Don’t jeopardize your success, professional advancement, or be naïve about the importance of your appearance.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on steps to dress for professional success. In the meantime, view my “Work it Wednesday” Instagram posts with visual ideas of how to nail the workplace look.

Lyndell Werling Personal Stylist



2) H. Andrew Michener, John D. Delamater, and Daniel J. Myers Social Psychology

3) Dr. Albert Mehrabian, UCLA




7) Caroline Dunn and Lucette Charette, National Research Council of Canada



10) Reid, A., Lancuba, V., & Morrow, B. (1997). Clothing style & formation of first impressions. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 84(1), pp. 237-238.

Supercharge Your Spring Wardrobe

Now that Spring has arrived, longer days beget warmer temperatures, more time outdoors, and casual attire for active endeavors or travelling. 

Considering purchasing new clothes or accessories for your activities or a trip? Don’t drop a dime anywhere else before visiting the CRC resale stores!

Activewear Abundance

Clothing is the most common donation to the CRC Resale stores. This means that there’s a high probability an item you’re interested in purchasing may be available at the CRC.

Per the 2016 Resale Report published by Thredup, “activewear continues to be among the fastest moving categories in resale.” A broad inventory of clothes for exercising, spending time outdoors, and being adventurous can be found for a fraction of the original retail price in each of the CRC resale stores.

The average American’s clothing shopping list includes three activewear purchases annually. Purchasing new activewear would cost an average of $102. Conversely, the average resale cost is $56 according to Thredup’s 2016 Resale Report. 

Purchasing activewear at the CRC, will save you much more than half of the retail cost. If my purchases are a representative sample, one can expect to spend less than $25 on a trio of activewear garments. And, I’ve purchased incredible items that didn’t even make it onto my budgeted expenditure list. Isn’t it great to have a place to acquire something that you wouldn’t otherwise own while supporting great programs that enrich the lives of people who need a hand up?

Save Your Travel Dollars and Look Stunning While Away

Whether it’s a staycation to enjoy San Diego’s breathtaking weather, or a trip to a remote destination with an adventurous itinerary, chances are you’ll acquire some new clothing for a vacation. The CRC has wonderful options for those in need of swim wear, cover ups, hats, resort wear, shoes, and even luggage!

Warmer weather necessitates lighter weight clothing that is often constructed in thinner fabrics. Such garments are more subject to wear and tear which can lead to replacing and repurchasing the same type of items season after season. It logically follows that spending less on such attire makes sense.

I can verify that it’s possible to do. I found wonderful summer dresses, hats, tote bags, and purses here as temperatures soared last year. Below, a few of my favorite spring purchases are shown.  

Further, we often take clothes that are special, unique, and intended for adventure with us on vacation. The attire consists of pieces that we don’t wear on a regular basis. Acquire beautiful, functional and fun vacation gear without breaking the bank at the CRC. Providing customers with great everyday values is a core tenet of the CRC Resale stores’ value proposition.

If minimizing clothing expenditures isn’t sufficient motivation to shop at the CRC resale stores, here is a fact that may be. If one in one hundred households shopped resale, CO2 emissions would be drastically reduced. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. Thredup estimates that shopping resale can save over 1.1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions every year. Ultimately, this is the equivalent of planting 24 million trees annually. That’s certainly a strong motivator in my view.

Spring isn’t Complete without Spring Cleaning

Would spring be complete without spring cleaning? This isn’t a merely a rhetorical question. It’s a gentle reminder that the CRC stores will gratefully accept your donations of clothing and household items. These donations fund CRC’s critical programs that provide a better future for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Joshua Fields Millburn, author of Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life states “The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it.” While I’m not suggesting anyone needs to be become a minimalist, I encourage you to find things that you may not need, won’t use and could donate to the CRC.

Stay tuned for tips on how to do a stylist inspired closet cleanse next month!

Lyndell Werling Spring Wardrobe

Baubles and Bags Create Courage and Confidence

How Shopping at the CRC makes an Impact

One of the most famous movie lines in modern history came from an adorable creature named Yoda in Star Wars. Yoda’s role as a legendary teacher consisted of training each of the main characters in the Star Wars series how to be a warrior; a force for good. Yoda instructed Luke Skywalker, the movie’s hero, to take action. In his profound proclamation he instructed the young prodigy “Do. Or do not do. There is no try.”

What on earth could this analogy possibly have to do with the CRC’s mission? Here’s how I see the correlation.

Yoda possessed unparalleled light, or good energy. He lived in a cave to conceal it. Although none of us are in such a predicament, we do live in an undisputed paradise with near perfect weather, natural beauty, wealth; a place where dreams come true. Unfortunately, many in our community aren’t included in this bounty.

There are too many individuals amongst us who literally struggle to put food on their tables, overcome the fear and challenges that accompany domestic violence, or desperately need a real life Yoda to coach them to gainful employment. We may not all be Yodas, but we certainly can do things to support those who are.

Baubles and Bags Create Courage and Confidence

Here’s the correlation between Yoda’s plea to take action and the CRC Resale stores. Baubles, bags and other items sold at the CRC Resale stores, create courage and confidence that are delivered through the CRC’s programs. These programs not only fight hunger, stop domestic violence and empower self-sufficiency in our local community, these programs arm individuals with the courage to leave abusive relationships and the confidence to secure positive employment and make life changes for a brighter future.

The CRC stores receive all kinds of fabulous donations including luxury leather goods, handbags and clothing.  I can make the argument that the purchase of a luxury item is synonymous with the purchase of a necessary item at the right price point. Often a great deal results in ownership of a possession that we wonder how we ever could have lived without. The elusive act of finding a deal is simplified by the CRC as is the process of finding unique treasures.

Do I need a designer handbag? Although I’d like to say yes, I cannot. I need a functional, durable bag although I adore fashionable handbags. My visual branding as a stylist, and creating credibility with clients, is premised on what I wear. While I legitimately want a designer purse, like most women I forego such an expenditure due to the high price tag that luxury purses command.

While volunteering at the CRC, I found two luxury bags that I was able to afford. This never would have happened in the traditional retail world. I purchased a brand new Marc Jacobs bag and a gently used Prada purse. These bags became necessities at the prices for which they were sold. Each bag became an essential part of my wardrobe and boosts my confidence when I’m striving for an extra polished look. Other treasures I’ve found at the Encinitas store include a St. John dress, as well as a gorgeous pair of brand new Pour La Victoire heels. The dress, heels and Prada handbag created an unachievable outfit, if sourced through regularly priced shopping. This outfit has served me well on numerous important occasions. I am empowered with the confidence knowing the money CRC received from my purchases will continue to serve others in crisis.

The CRC stores are also full of Coach handbags, wallets, belts and shoes. As of a few years ago, one in five bags carried by women in the United States was made by Coach. As a result of Coach’s consumer following and product quality, many beautiful Coach products line the shelfs of each CRC store. Coach is also outside my budget for leather good purchases, but not when purchased at the CRC. Stop by and see if you agree.

Let’s talk about baubles. Is an outfit complete without jewelry? If you ask me, accessories make the outfit. Consequently, I defend jewelry as an important component of a wardrobe budget. Accessories can increase the cost of an outfit by thirty to fifty percent. But, they don’t have to. Savvy shoppers know that fashionable and vintage jewelry can be found at incredible prices in resale stores. I’ve been fortunate to find fantastic pieces of jewelry for myself, and several of my clients, at the CRC.

Funding CRC Programs

Like a pebble creating a ripple in a pond, very small dollar amounts can make very large impacts to the CRC programs. Here are four examples of how dollars donated, or received in resale store sales, become benefits provided.

  • $25 - Provide a family of four with healthy food for a day.
  • $100 - Give shelter to a homeless individual or family.
  • $250 - Provide an individual or family with the counseling they need to heal.
  • $500 - Help provide a child the chance to heal in CRC’s Therapeutic Children's Center.

Are Discounts Available at the CRC?

The remarkable deals in the stores get sweetened on several days of the week. Take advantage of these discounts to stretch your dollars further:

  • Daily ten percent discount for seniors and active duty military.
  • Tuesdays are pick your discount days. A fish bowl full of envelopes contain discounts. Each customer may select an envelope which contains a discount that will be applied to his or her
  • Wednesdays are half priced media day. Media includes books, music, and
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, a discount on a specific colored price tag is available.

Do come in and visit us soon! Do bring a friend. Do take something with you when you leave. Do donate something for the CRC to sell when you go. Do tell friends about the reasons to support the CRC. Do. Or do not do. There is no try!


Lyndell Werling CRC Encinitas

Three Reasons to Shop at Resale Stores that Benefit Non-Profits

For the past year, I've been blessed to have the opportunity to help the local northern San Diego community through volunteering at the Community Resource Center (CRC). My Thursday mornings are spent in their Encinitas resale store merchandising donations, keeping the store tidy, and now serving as a blogger for their monthly "Re-Style" newsletter. Below, I've suggested three reasons to consider shopping at resale stores, especially those that benefit non-profits. Please read on and consider visiting one of the CRC's north county locations to support their efforts to assist the local homeless population and families faced with domestic violence. 

Three Reasons to Shop at the CRC Resale Stores

While there are many wonderful ways to support the Community Resource Center, shopping at the resale stores not only generates essential funds for CRC programs, it also yields great benefits for customers. Here are three reasons to consider visiting one of the resale stores.

To Find Unique and Exciting Merchandise

Volunteering in the Encinitas location for the past year has shown me that the resale stores are full of one-of-a-kind treasures. You’ll find things that are simply not available in traditional brick and mortar or online sites. Merchandise of all kinds including best-selling and unusual books, rare records, antiques, beautiful costume and fine jewelry, designer clothing and vintage garments, household goods, as well as gently used sporting equipment and electronics fly off the shelves every day. The CRC sells these items at a fraction of the cost of regular retail prices.

Many customers frequent the stores on a regular basis to find fun and unique items. They seem to leave with delightful treasures each time they visit. In fact, one of these loyal customers told me that she’s shopped with the CRC for over two decades! That’s a testament to the merchandise, CRC’s employees, and the generosity of the community who donate their possessions.

I’m a personal wardrobe stylist. As such, I’m drawn to anything related to fashion. There are a myriad of items that pique my interest every time I’m in the stores. One of my favorite purchases is a Jackie Kennedy coffee table book. Besides exquisite pictures, it chronicles each item that Mrs. Kennedy wore in her official capacity as the First Lady of the United States. The designers who created her official wardrobe, the materials used to create them and date each garment was worn is outlined in the fantastic book. Its detail and historic references make it one of my most valued possessions.

I’ve also bought many brand new items that I would have purchased at regular retail stores such as Urban Decay & Trish McEvoy makeup. I felt fantastic about spending money with the CRC instead of a mass merchandiser. Valuable vintage items, like a Gucci belt I acquired, are routinely donated. In the case of the Gucci belt, I would never have bought this luxury item at full price. It makes me happy every time that I wear it! There is literally something for everyone in the resale stores. 

To Protect the Environment

How can shopping at CRC do that? It’s simple! Bear with me for some background on the garment manufacturing process.

Clothing is the most common item donated to the CRC. Purchasing used clothing aids your wallet while helping circumvent the environmental disruption of the fashion industry. While it may shock consumers, garment manufacturing is a less than eco-friendly, clean process.

Garment production requires vast quantities of water and electricity. The prevalence of cheap, quickly produced garments has led to higher consumer clothing waste and shorter clothing lifespans. For example, 2.6% of all global water is allocated to grow cotton. On average, it takes 700 gallons of water to produce a single cotton t-shirt. Stop and think about those figures.

Four percent of global landfills contain clothing and textiles although nearly ninety nine percent of used clothing is recyclable.* If you want to help the environment and CRC’s constituents, purchase clothing at the resale stores. Save money, find quality clothing at reasonable prices, help others on the path to self-sufficiency while helping the planet? Sounds like a winning proposition! Giving clothing, and other merchandise a second chance, reduces waste and supports program that help our community.

To Support CRC’s Programs

Fueling the engine of empowerment occurs when you purchase items from the CRC’s stores. The resale stores generate significant income each year. In fiscal year 2015, over $2.4M dollars from sales was reinvested in the local community. CRC serves over 1,500 families annually. That’s a material impact! Donations to the resale stores, and resultant sales, make this possible.

Further, the resale stores provide employment opportunities to many individuals returning to the workforce or entering it for the first time. Many employees remain with CRC in other capacities down the road. CRC’s staff includes several incredible members who started in the resale locations.  

We invite you to visit one of the resale stores to support CRC’s mission to create paths to safety, stability, and self-sufficiency. Donations are gratefully accepted at each of the CRC resale store locations in Encinitas, San Marcos or downtown Carlsbad.

*Source: Conscious Company Magazine, published July 2015 by Emily Roberts. APPAREL INDUSTRY BY THE NUMBERS Infographic. 

Jackie O Coffee Table Book