Outfit Creation


This service creates new outfits from your current wardrobe and accessories, newly purchased items, or a combination of both. Outfits are assembled then pictures are taken. These photographs will be added to a Personal Style Guide, created exclusively for you, that provides a foundation for your wardrobe planning.

This service leverages the wardrobe investments you have already made and identifies clothing purchases to make in the future.  

*This offering is completed after a closet cleanse to ensure that we can focus on creating outfits versus purging and sorting through clothes that need to be discarded.


Personal Styling


Every woman’s uniqueness should be reflected in her signature style. A woman’s wardrobe should not only support her life, but also empower her to take on life’s challenges with confidence and control.

How does signature style evolve? For many women it simply doesn’t. Perhaps appearance and attire are not a priority. Is it entirely overwhelming to elevate your image because you feel badly about yourself, or some facet of your life? Maybe you’ve never given style much consideration and merely throw together outfits in a haphazard manner without contemplating the image you present.

But, image is critical! It is the initial representation of ourselves that we radiate to the world. In a split second, judgments about intelligence, competency, skills, and abilities are made. These assessments are largely based on appearance. Personal styling is an optimal and expedient way to create a signature style that projects the image you desire.


Style Development Packages

Signature Style Development packages include the following components:

  • Complimentary thirty minute phone call to discuss your goals, your current style, and your personalized action plan.

  • Personal style portfolio that includes these visual tools: Pinterest board, Mood Board and customized Style Guide.

  • Shopping for your new wardrobe

  • Styling looks from the new wardrobe

  • In-person styling session to review outfits and take pictures of them for your Style Guide. This is where the magic happens!

  • Gift bag with items to complement new garments.  

  • Thirty minute follow-up meeting to ensure you are maximizing your new wardrobe and mastering your newly created style!

Signature Style development packages are customized for each client. First, select a wardrobe focus area then select your budget.

Select a Focus Area

Creating a signature style is best accomplished by selecting a single focus area; namely nightlife and dating, casual wear, or workplace attire.

Option 1 - Nightlife & Dating Style Refresh

This package addresses the needs of a single woman who is currently seeking her soulmate or a woman who may have a significant other with whom she shares a busy social calendar. The intent is to revitalize the closet by filling it with it dating and social event attire that enables you to confidently step out for a stylish evening with little to no lead time. Be prepared for a myriad of events and look stunning for all of them!

Option 2 - Casual Continuum

Yoga pants and flip flops? Jeans and tennis shoes? Athleisure, a trending style that precludes sweatpants, is in vogue but the reality is that there’s more to life! This package completes the closet that dresses a woman on the go in casual attire.  

Option 3 - Career Capstone

This package focuses on career attire. Scientific studies provide evidence that appearance determines the worth colleagues assign to us. There is nowhere more important than the workplace to ensure that our presentation doesn’t sabotage our efforts. Fortunately, we have control of the factors which play into our appearance. Dress for success in all things career-related, whether you work in a corporate environment or a more creative, less structured professional capacity with this offering.

Select a Wardrobe Budget

As a personal stylist, it is my goal to enable individuals to look better, feel better, and eliminate the stress of coordinating, as well as shopping for a wardrobe. This can be accomplished regardless of budget.  

Option 1 - Discerning Deal Package

Create a wardrobe for your new style with a mix of local boutiques, discount stores, outlet mall retailers and mass merchandisers.

Option 2 - Prestigious Purchase Package

Create a wardrobe comprised of investment pieces, that can be effectively combined with clothing and accessories priced in the mid-range, to create a compelling style.

Option 3 – Luxury Lineup Package

Create a wardrobe of investment pieces augmented by high-end luxury goods.

Ultimately, there are many benefits to working with a stylist. You learn what colors best suit you, and how to clothe your body shape, consequently saving money by avoiding unsuitable clothing purchases in the future. You stay on trend with classic garment choices that preclude purchasing new wardrobes annually. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, styling is a catalyst to greater success in life due to an improved appearance & wardrobe.

It can feel exhaustingly oppressive to prioritize appearance when our daily lives are bogged down with errands, responsibilities, obligations and the pressures of managing a limited amount of time. Simplify your life with wardrobe solutions that support your overachieving agenda, and enjoy life more thoroughly, while commanding attention and respect with your new style.

Personal Shopping

The personal shopping service is available to purchase clothing and deliver it to your home, office, or another convenient place. Alternatively, we can shop together. Either way, I’ll streamline the shopping experience and review the reason certain clothing, colors and styles are ideal for you, your lifestyle and your desired image.  

Additionally, I provide online shopping recommendations that curate items for you to purchase. You can easily complete the online purchases via email links that I provide.  

Special Occasion Styling

Special occasions provide an opportunity to look our best. In today’s digital age, almost all events are photographed, featured on social media, and captured in picture frames as well as print format. How we look is remembered long after the event date. Searching for, let alone finding, the perfect outfit for life’s many celebrations can seem overwhelming.

I provide wardrobe and personal styling for important events including photo shoots, television appearances, speaking engagements, award ceremonies, weddings, interviews and parties. In addition to purchasing special event attire, I can be on location the day of special events to coordinate your look and appearance prior to the event commencing. Take the stress out of dressing for success by including me in your special occasion!

Contact me to get started! Take the next step towards a new more stylish you today!